Could a Career in Behavioral Health Be Right for You in 2021 & Beyond?

Could a Career in Behavioral Health Be Right for You in 2021 & Beyond?

If anything positive has come from this past year of COVID-19 challenges, it is apparent that many people are ready and willing to help their neighbors and community during times of stress and challenges. A Raleigh, North Carolina psychiatrist encourages people who have an interest in helping others to consider a rewarding career in behavioral health in 2021 and beyond.

What Types of Job Positions Are Available in Behavioral Health?

Many people are surprised at the wide variety of job positions available that fall under the umbrella of behavioral health services. Some of these jobs include:

  • Psychiatrist
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Behavioral Health Technicians or Aides
  • Family & Marriage Therapist
  • Psychiatric Registered Nurse
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Clinical or Counseling Psychologist
  • Mental Health Counselor

Countless other job positions that are under the wider field of mental health services and behavioral health jobs only expect to grow in the coming years.

Job Outlook for Behavioral Health & Mental Health Careers

As more challenges arise in our ever-advancing and fast-paced society, the demand for caring individuals that have a deep desire to help others with mental health issues is expected to skyrocket in just the next few years. New job positions create areas that previously would not have been available.

For instance, there are more jobs that integrate into the community rather than just working at a mental hospital these days. Today, someone with a social worker degree could find employment in the business sector, in the educational settings, and in-home care agencies as just a few of the many examples. Also, more mental health job positions are also able to be done via telemedicine as an additional bonus for considering a career in behavioral health.

What Personality Traits Are Needed to Succeed in Behavioral Health Jobs?

Many people have a desire to help others overcome or manage their mental health issues. Before someone can help another, it is important to evaluate whether you are emotionally fit and ready to take on some of the emotional challenges that working in a behavioral health position may bring on any given day.

Ideally, a person considering a job in mental health should be able to balance their own emotions when helping others. This job does have high energy demands and various emotional challenges that may be more difficult than the average person would think. Also, being a good listener is essential to any job position in behavioral health, and this quality is one of the best indicators of someone who might do well in this kind of a job setting.

Where to Find Information About a Career in Behavioral Health

If interested in a career in behavioral health, check in with your local jobs training office or employment agency. Also, many community colleges offer entry-level training for this lucrative and rewarding career choice. The exact type of training needed for these job positions will vary depending on the exact job position duties required.

There are opportunities for job shadowing and other options for those just wanting to get a feel for what is possible in this career choice. Ask your college or high school counselor or career resource person about further details regarding this terrific career choice.

The Growth Trend for Substance Abuse & Recovery Specialists Is Huge

According to job statistics and professional job recruiter professionals, the growth trend for various types of substance abuse. Recovery specialists and counselors predict to surge even higher at about a 26 percent increase from 2019 to 2029. Also, this is a huge growth that should draw many potential candidates over to this important mental health-related job sector.

The expected jobs to be available in the next decade will be in in-patient treatment centers, private in-patient. Also, outpatient addiction recovery counseling facilities, and even home care life couches and telehealth types of positions. These job employers will likely have a variety of job positions from counselors. Mental health technicians, professional nurse positions, secretarial and office-related jobs, and more.

Consider Volunteering at Mental Health Community Facilities or Agencies

Many communities have a wide variety of various mental health-related facilities and agencies. Also, these can include senior care centers. Home care agencies, rehabilitation centers, in-house treatment programs, hospital behavioral health wards and outpatient counseling centers. Additionally, volunteering or signing up for a job-shadowing day can be a way to help determine. If a career in mental health is the right one for you.

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