Reasons to Consider Undergoing Psychotherapy Along with Psychiatric Medications

Reasons to Consider Undergoing Psychotherapy Along with Psychiatric Medications

The field of psychiatry has changed greatly over the years. More individuals take some type of psychiatric medication to manage their particular mental health symptoms and issues. Most professional mental health experts strongly urge that patients should seriously consider undergoing individualized psychotherapy. We offer this service in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Along with the proper psychiatric medication for greater mental health stability and healing. Here are the reasons to consider undergoing psychotherapy.

The Purpose of Psychiatric Medications

There has long been a stigma with regard to mental illness. This stigma has kept many individuals from experiencing the relief of troublesome and often life robbing symptoms due to a psychiatric illness.

With better psychiatric medication choices, more people are leading full and happy lives. Due to their regimen of psychiatric medications after a thorough psychiatric evaluation to determine any underlying mental health disorder.

Better Psychiatric Medication Options Lower Adverse Drug Reactions

In the past, most of the psychiatric medications used to treat mental and emotional health issues came with severe adverse medication reactions that made the patient feel bad in some manner. Some psychiatric medications have a strong sedative effect on the body. This makes the person feel drugged and mentally fuzzy after taking their prescribed dosage of medications.

Mental health providers and other healthcare professionals have more medications to select from, and newer medications have less undesirable medication side effects. This encourages the patient to continue to take their prescribed psychiatric medications as ordered.

Why Patients Should Consult with a Psychiatrist for Med Management

Although many family doctors are able and willing to prescribe psychiatric medications like anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. It is best to consult with a psychiatrist for better medication management. This is especially true if the patient begins to notice bothersome medication side effects that might make them leery of staying on their prescribed drug regimen.

A psychiatrist is able to perform in-depth psychiatric assessments. This is in order to best treat each unique patient’s specific mental health conditions. Psychiatrists have the necessary knowledge and training to understand all of the side effects. Having this knowledge, they can bring and adjust patient medications accordingly.

Psychotherapy (talk therapy) Combined with Psychiatric Medication Works

Psychiatric medications such as antipsychotics, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and many more are changing people’s lives for the better every day. Also, many of these drugs target certain body system responses to counteract many psychiatric symptoms. Furthermore, these symptoms could include hallucinations, severely altered mood or mood swings, dark thoughts, manic responses, insomnia and others.

Even though the benefits from psychiatric medications can be huge, many mental health experts strongly recommend that the patient undergo professional psychotherapy (talk therapy) combined with the appropriate psychiatric medication regimen for best end results. Some psychiatric drugs are only meant as a short-term remedy. Additionally, these include powerfully addictive anti-anxiety drugs, sleep aids and many others.

Many patients obtain relief right away from the right medications. However, psychotherapy (talk therapy) seeks to address and treat the underlying behaviors, thought process and other factors to fully expand each patient’s potential for true inner healing.

Examples of Short-Term Drug Therapy Combined with Psychotherapy (talk therapy)

There are times in life when someone could be thrown into a deep mental health decline or might suffer from great emotional turmoil. These situations can include a death of someone close, some type of traumatic event, development of serious health conditions, a divorce or significant break up, some kind of abuse and a long list of other situations.

Someone who is struggling with overwhelming life stress often begins to notice adverse signs and symptoms like insomnia, daytime fatigue, inner anger, problems eating, development of body aches, troubling thoughts along with a great number of other symptoms. Also, mental health professionals have noted that patients who combine prescribed medications with professional psychotherapy treatment tend to do better overall.

Psychotherapy (talk therapy) can teach individuals better coping skills to deal with the struggles and stresses in their lives. Often, patients no longer need certain medications like addictive sleep aids or heavy sedatives.

Where To Find Caring Psychotherapy (talk therapy) Near Briar Creek

Are you or someone that you love is currently experiencing some type of mental health or other emotional status change? Also, Is it disrupting the person’s usual lifestyle? Also, consider setting up an appointment with our caring psychotherapists near Briar Creek for help.

Give us a call at MedPsych Integrated (919) 582-7272 to make your initial psychotherapy (talk therapy) appointment. If you think you might consider undergoing psychotherapy we suggest reaching out to us. Lastly, Learn more about mental health services and further blog information by browsing our website at anytime.

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