Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing

MedPsych Integrated offers genetic testing through Genesight. This simple and painless testing technique allows your psychiatric medical provider to better understand how your DNA may impact your medications. It can be a long process to determine the best psychiatric medication regimen for a patient, but genetic testing serves as a guide to help your provider determine the best medication for you.

Genesight testing analyzes the make-up of a patient’s genes to better understand how your genetic variation may respond to psychotropic medications. The testing helps your provider understand how commonly prescribed psychiatric medications could be metabolized in your body and how that could affect your body’s response to certain drugs. This technique serves as a supplement to your medical provider’s clinical opinion and medical assessment to determine the proper medication approach for your specific needs.

After completing the test your provider will review the results with you, which will be categorized based on the level of gene-drug interaction. This serves as a guide to understand what medications have significant interactions based on your DNA and helps your provider understand why a patient may have not responded well to a medication in the past. Genesight testing allows your provider to use scientific data to make informed decisions.

The testing analyzes the following psychotropic medication classes: antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers. Genesight is not financially affiliated with MedPsych Integrated. Genesight will bill each patient’s insurance directly.

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