Medication Management

Medication Management

MedPsych Integrated in Raleigh, NC uses a variety of methods to treat mental health disorders and addiction. Our approach is founded on integrative care, treating the whole being for physical and mental wellness. Also, this care starts with psychiatric evaluation, genetic testing and onsite blood draws to gain a full understanding of each individual patient’s needs. Then, through medication management, we ensure you receive the right drug and dosing when needed to improve your quality of life.

Why is medication management important?

Finding the right prescription drug and dosing for each individual is complex. But MedPsychIntegrated’s testing helps us prescribe the best drug according to your individual makeup and health profile. Furthermore, through outpatient medication management, we analyze your need for a prescription and monitor its ongoing use.

Outpatient management of your prescription includes:

  • Evaluation of need for a prescription
  • Prescription provision
  • Ongoing medical monitoring
  • Reconciling medications
  • Ensuring you adequately benefit from the drug

Before writing your prescription, we first consider the potential side effects and how the formulation will work with your brain chemistry. Additionally, we weigh those heavily against your need and other pharmaceutical options available to you. Your prescribed drug is part of your integrative treatment plan. So, we continue careful monitoring and on-going discussion to ensure your mental health improves.

Who needs this medication management?

Really, every patient using psychiatric prescription drugs needs some level of monitoring. Also, your psychiatrist watches for desired outcomes, as well as potential side effects or risks.

In the past, the process of prescribing helpful psychiatric drugs was largely trial-and-error. However, thanks to integrative care, genetic testing, onsite blood draws and advanced awareness of your brain chemistry, today’s psychiatrists have the tools and knowledge to refine this process.

People best served through this monitoring include:

  • Patients starting a new prescription or changing doses
  • Those struggling to understand the regimen effects or necessity
  • Patients who do not experience desired benefits
  • Individuals with a history of substance abuse

How the Monitoring Program Works

Your MedPsych Integrated monitoring program starts sometime after your initial appointment, if you need prescription drug intervention as part of mental health treatment. Furthermore, you receive your prescription and must return for follow-up care to monitor your progress. Your therapist or other provider tracks the drug’s effectiveness over a period of time to understand whether this treatment suits your needs.

Everyone is a unique individual. How a medication reacts with your brain chemistry varies from how it affects another. Also, at the same time, each drug provides its own risks and side effects. But through this monitoring and open discussion, we find the right pharmaceutical option.

Common conditions sometimes treated through a prescription and monitoring include:

Monitoring Your Progress Each Step of the Way at MedPsych Integrated

At MedPsych Integrated, we strive to help you achieve mental stability as part of whole-person wellness. Additionally, to reach this goal, we utilize an array of testing and evaluation methods before you start using medication. We also provide appropriate therapies to suit your treatment needs, such as psychotherapy. Then, as you grow accustomed to your medication or need changes made to provide better results, we track and manage your progress.

No one should have to live in a struggle with untreated mental illness. Also, at MedPsych Integrated, we work with each individual patient on an outpatient basis to improve daily life and functioning. Lastly, Call us today at 919-582-7272 to schedule your first appointment.