Take a Break: Meditate

Take a Break: Meditate

Meditate. Medication and breathing techniques can be very effective in reducing emotional pain and reducing tension. If you have never tried mediation, give it a try, you might just surprise yourself! If you’ve always wanted to learn more on how to meditate, read on!

Below Is A Quick Guide and some tips that our staff at MedPsych use when meditating:

Find a calm, soothing station on Pandora or you tube, anything with spa, water sounds work great.

Get in to a comfortable position, either laying or sitting down. Take a few deep breaths, center yourself listen and breathe, relax and let go!

Whether you are new to meditation or have done it for a while, it’s good to be aware of our entire body to truly relax. To do this, you will tense and release each muscle. Start at your feet, focus on you left foot, tense it and relax it, do the same with your right foot. Move up to your legs, one at a time, tense and release.

As you become more aware of your body, you will learn to identify smaller muscles and have more control over tensing and releasing smaller muscles. Keep working your way up your body until you tense and release your face muscles. The idea is to let go of the tension that is constricting your muscles. Focusing on the activity of tensing and releasing will block distractions that try to enter your mind. Enjoy this feeling off relaxation an inner peace.

Why Meditation is Good For Your Body

After you have tensed and released all muscles, spend a few minutes becoming aware of your breathing. Allow yourself to slow down and begin to breathe deeper and slower, focus on the music and let it be your guide to regulating your breathing. Try to keep your breathing at 4 seconds breath in and 4 seconds breathe out.

While you are meditating, emotions and feelings will find their way to the surface, allow them to come, down push them away, just observe. Anxiety, heart pounding, any number of these feelings will come to the surface, it does not matter what feeling comes forward, just observe their presence, and when you exhale imagine these feelings passing away. Imagine them rising and passing. Just stay with whatever emotion comes up, stay focused.

Always Remember Relax & Let Go

Gradually you will experience a sense of calm and steadiness. Allow yourself to experience being filled with peace and they joy of letting go.

Think to yourself all will be well. Learn more about how to meditate and call us today!

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