A Raleigh Psychologist Offers Mental Health Tips for Valentine’s Day

A Raleigh Psychologist Offers Mental Health Tips for Valentine’s Day

If you find yourself alone over Valentine’s Day, a little planning ahead can help make this day better. Here are Mental Health Tips for Valentine’s Day. Many people across the country have been isolating following the COVID-19 social distancing rules for many months.

Others have lost someone due to complications from the virus or other reasons, and that first holiday that is all about love and romance can be challenging to get through for the first time.

A seasoned Raleigh psychologist offers fantastic mental health tips for getting through Valentine’s Day when feeling lonely or sad.

How Deep Sadness & Loneliness Can Impact Mental Health

Many people suffer from sadness or feelings of intense loneliness from time to time. It is often challenging to get through holidays like Valentine’s Day when alone and vulnerable. Deep sadness can often arise during certain anniversaries or holidays. Left unchecked, these negative emotions can adversely impact mental health. This year, it is more important than ever to guard your mental and emotional health closely.

Holidays Normally Spent with a Special Someone Can Trigger Sadness

Sometimes, just the date of a holiday can trigger someone if they are spending the holiday alone. Deep feelings of loss and depression can mar any fun holiday activity. With the country still reeling from the pandemic and all its rules and distancing, those kinds of feelings can become overwhelming when stuck alone with nobody to consul you.

Plan Ahead to Create New Memories Over an Approaching Holiday

Humans are meant to be social beings, and when life takes a wrong turn and we find ourselves alone, an approaching holiday or special date can leave us feeling exposed and vulnerable to greater hurt.

Mental health professionals recommend that people plan their strategy in hopes of creating new and beautiful new memories. It can truly help to speak with a professional psychologist to get some valuable advice on how to get through the sadness in a mentally healthy manner.

Consider Utilizing Telehealth Services for Compassionate Help

Being stuck at home for hours, days and longer can bring anyone’s spirit down over time. When a traumatic event or a loss is still new and overwhelming, trying to push on with life can seem impossible. Many mental health clinics are offering convenient Telehealth services for their clients. This is a great way to connect with a knowledgeable psychologist who can help you manage this feat.

Stay Connected with Others When Feeling Lonely & Sad

It is a good idea to have someone check on you during first difficult days like a holiday, anniversary or other important time. If you are working from home due to the pandemic, try to reach out to coworkers outside of work conversations.

Staying connected with others when feeling down and lonely can give us inner strength and support. This might be a good time to adopt a dog or cat. Many animal shelters are pressed for space during the colder months. Adopting a pet can give individuals a sense of comfort and joy.

Do Something Unexpected & Fun to Lift Broken Spirits

If you’ve recently lost a loved one or are separated due to divorce or other reason, it can help to just do something spontaneous and fun. This could be a simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood and taking a different route or stopping at a local store to buy yourself something that makes you feel happy.

Rather than sit on the sofa alone and feeling sad, turn on some upbeat music and cook something you love, pick up a new hobby or do that home improvement project that you’ve been putting off. Call a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while.

Get Busy Helping Others in Your Community

One healthy way to beat the blues and kick loneliness to the curb is to get busy helping others. This could be serving or delivering meals to seniors or low-income families, volunteering to grocery shop for an elderly neighbor or get involved with a local charity event. These actions will not only keep your mind and body focused on something other than yourself, it will help you feel better inside.

Understanding How Loneliness & Mental Health Connect

When individuals wallow in their sorrows, those unwanted emotions can become worse. It is important to understand how loneliness and mental health go hand in hand. To break this defeating cycle, it is necessary to make a positive change.

Here are some ideas to stay connected:

  • Send Cards to Senior Care Homes or a Hospital
  • Join an Online Interest Group – like art, music, a book club etc.
  • Do Distant Family Group Calls or Video Chats
  • Volunteer at a Women’s Shelter
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