Improve Your Mental Health by Kicking-Off Your Day Right with a Custom Morning Routine

Improve Your Mental Health by Kicking-Off Your Day Right with a Custom Morning Routine

Improve Your Mental Health by Kicking-Off Your Day Right with a Custom Morning Routine
Morning coffee is my daily routine

Most people know that having a wind down bedtime routine can promote better sleep and improver overall health and wellbeing according to a local Raleigh psychiatrist. New studies confirmed what our elders have always tried to explain. A positive morning routine can improve mental health.

In addition, it is not helpful to dwell on our negative circumstances. It is essential that we take back control of our lives. Make a new plan and take active steps to be positive and proactive. Most individuals who deal with chronic depression, sadness, anger, anxiety and other negative feelings passively wait until those feelings do take control over the rest of our day. There is a better way.

Building Healthier Habits & Routines Can Improve Our Mood, Health & Bring Happiness

There are steps that we can take to lessen anxiety, prevent overwhelming exhaustion and raise low energy levels. This can begin with a positive and proactive morning routine. This doesn’t have to require a lot of time or effort for the strategy to work. Building healthier habits can improve our lives immensely and bring us peace, tranquility and job again.

Begin by Setting a Firm Morning Wakeup Time

Many individuals have gotten into the habit of setting an alarm then hitting the snooze button multiple times just to get in those extra sleep minutes. In reality, this only confuses our body systems, and our body may respond in a negative manner.

Humans are made to set their internal clock with the absence or presence of light. Disrupting our natural circadian rhythm can trigger all sorts of warning bells throughout our bodies that can make us feel miserable before the day really begins.

People who work swing shifts often development all sorts of health problems due in large part to the stress on our bodies when this natural wake/sleep cycle becomes disrupted. People should continue to do all the nighttime routines that are designed to calm our minds and promote better sleep and relaxation.

Adding an effective and individualized positive morning routine designed to lower stress, build our energy stores, wakeup our normal body systems and give us greater control over our emotions.

Examples of a Positive & Effective Morning Routine

It is important to understand that everyone will have somewhat different routines that work for their specific circumstances. However, there are some commonly used techniques that do tend to be successful with the majority of people.

Here is a sample routine in steps:

  1. Wake up at 8:00 A.M.
  2. Take time to stretch, step outside or open a window.
  3. Make your bed & open window blinds/curtains
  4. Eat a nutritious breakfast.
  5. Think of something happy – actively watch baby kitten/puppy cute videos etc.
  6. List a few things you are grateful for in life.
  7. Take a shower & end with a cold water rinse.
  8. Sing while in the shower or getting ready for work.
  9. Avoid reaching for your electronics or phone to check messages and news until after AM routine.
  10. Determine to learn 1 new thing that day.
  11. Do a puzzle – crossword, jigsaw puzzles.
  12. Practice a few moments of mindfulness – meditation, breathing exercises, yoga or prayer/worship.
  13. Slow down to enjoy the moment you are in.
  14. Pet your pet, hug your child or spouse.
  15. Start a mental health journal.
  16. Find positive affirmations & read them often.

Remember, not two people will have the exact same needs at the same time. This means that everyone will have an individualized plan of action that best suits their needs now and in the future.

Building a Habit Takes About 3 Weeks or 20 to 28 Days on Average

Taking the right action when feeling depressed or stressed should begin at the start of your day. Eventually, the actions will give way to new acceptance. This is when the healing starts.

A Good Morning Routine & Mental Health Can Be Connected

Give some of these examples a try, or develop your own routine. Taking proactive steps towards inner healing is a first important step on your life’s journey.

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