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CBT and Tobacco Cessation

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Many individuals struggling with multiple attempts at tobacco cessation. Unfortunately this can be a very hard habit to kick. Reaching out to your healthcare provider is a great step to putting you on the right path to tobacco cessation. We know that the effects of the substance can cause bot long and short term decline in an individuals health status. This include mental health. In fact many of individuals who struggle with this type of addiction also battle with some degree of depression. Depression can be an issue for up yo 61% of individuals attempting to stop using tobacco. This is compared to 17% in the general population.

We know that this can make it that much more challenging to effectively discontinue tobacco use. Studies show that CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can have some major benefits for smoking cessation. CBT programs often focus on concepts like treatment rationale, self-monitoring, self-management, nicotine fading, relapse prevention and social support. Data shows that no only do these patient's have an increase likelihood of being able to quite they are more likely to maintain tobacco free.

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