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Spring Clean: Mind and Soul

There are many ways to spring clean your home, but do you do the same for your mind and soul?

Whether you make little or big adjustments you will feel better about making a change in the right direction.

Here are a few tips that will set you to a good start:

  • Change your routine: small changes in our daily lives can bring a different perspective and get us out of the same old routine. Walk your dog at a new park, call a friend that you have lost touch with, go out do dinner on Friday instead of having leftovers, take the backboards home from work, anything to spice it up a bit!

  • Don't neglect your sleep: with spring come longer days, and we tend to stay up longer and wake up earlier. Sleep impacts our moods and health, try to maintain your same sleep schedule despite of the season. Also treat your bedroom as your rest sanctuary, that means: no watching tv in bed, use blackout curtains to block as much light as possible, and if you can, treat yourself to plush bedding.

  • Its OK to say no! cut out the social commitments that drain your energy. If your social calendar is too full, stretching yourself too thin can be the cause of stress. It is OK to say no to baking 100 cupcakes for your child's class, its ok to say no to hosting yet another book club. Instead take the time to do something for yourself like getting your nails done, getting a new hair cut, or just taking your car for a wash.

  • Unplug: Challenge yourself for an hour, two hours, or evenings of no phone time. If you have little ones, you know when your child has had enough of their Ipad, kindle, or gaming system... try to be mindful of your own screen time and try to cut down. Instead, read a book, play a board game, or get some face to face time with family and friends.

If you have any extra tips, feel free to share below!

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