Psych Evals

Psych Evals

Integrative care is a modern approach to psychiatric treatment. It focuses on your well-being, diagnosing and treating conditions through a combination of physical and mental health methods. Also, at MedPsych Integrated in Raleigh, North Carolina, we utilize the methods of integrative medicine to ensure you achieve whole-person wellness. Furthurmore, this treatment starts with your first psychiatric evaluation.

Methods used at MedPsych Integrated include:

What is a psychiatric evaluation?

Your integrative psychiatrist uses a psychiatric evaluation to understand your symptoms and diagnose your condition. Furthermore, MedPsych Integrated’s Dr. Nadia S. Meyer is board certified in psychiatry, internal medicine and addiction psychiatry. Also, so she is exceptionally qualified to find the root causes of your emotional, behavioral or developmental problems. She evaluates your brain chemistry using genetic testing and onsite blood draws. Additionally, as part of your care, she also reviews your health history to understand your physical condition.

Your psychiatric evaluation includes multiple methods of psychiatry. The most important methods is interpersonal communication with Dr. Meyer. Furthermore, she asks you questions and fully considers your responses, as well as other information provided to her. Also, the setting of your psych evaluation is relaxed and private.

Cues Dr. Meyer seeks that help her form a diagnosis include:

  • Physical
  • Genetic
  • Environmental
  • Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Social
  • Educational

Who needs a psych evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation is the cornerstone of any mental health care. Anyone who struggles with mental illness or behavioral issues benefits from this type of examination. Furthermore, of course, the best results come from integrative care, a combination of a psych evaluation and medical testing.

Once your doctor reaches a diagnosis, treatment planning also includes integrative methods to promote your best well-being.

What takes place in a psychiatric evaluation?

It is important to not worry or grow anxious over your psych evaluation appointment. Also, each evaluation is unique to the individual, designed to suit your symptoms and factors possibly causing those symptoms.

Your evaluation at MedPsych Integrated may include:

  • Communication with Dr. Meyer
  • Description of your physical and mental symptoms
  • Discussion of the effects of your symptoms
  • Blood testing through an onsite blood draw
  • Genetic testing
  • Health history review

Sometimes other testing plays an important role in accurate diagnosis. Some patients need radiology studies, for example. Also, other possibly necessary testing includes educational, speech and language and psychological assessments.

When Your Loved One Needs Psych Evaluation

Many family members feel stressed when their loved one needs psychiatric evaluation. Additionally, this need likely raises many questions in your mind. You also naturally feel concerned about your family member’s well-being and welfare.

Common questions from family members include:

  • What is wrong with my loved one?
  • Are they “abnormal?”
  • Did I help cause this?
  • Is hospitalization required?
  • Will they need treatment?
  • Will the behaviors go away on their own?
  • Is this a phase?
  • How can I help them get better?
  • How do we get the right help?
  • What will treatment cost?
  • How does the diagnosis affect us?
  • Should the family get involved?

After diagnosis,it is important for family to support their loved one. Sometimes family involvement is appropriate, depending on the individual circumstances. Also, as appropriate, Dr. Meyer is happy to help key family members understand what the diagnosis means and how to help your loved one heal.

What is integrative care in psychiatry?

Conventional psychiatry primarily focused on the diagnosis and mental health treatment, such as through prescription medication. However, today’s integrative care starts with a thorough look at the individual’s whole being, including their mental, physical and spiritual wellness. Also, at MedPsych Integrated, brain chemistry and physical health play a major role in diagnosis and treatment. Also, after all, many mental symptoms arise as part of physical ailments. Additionally, before jumping into treatment, we gain a full understanding of your brain chemistry, physical health and other factors.

Our biggest goal for your treatment is achievement of whole-person wellness through balanced mental and physical health. Also, conventional psychiatry disregards factors we consider very important to your care. Also, such factors include your nutrition, genetics and underlying health conditions. Furthermore, integrative care focuses on you as a whole individual, from your genes to the symptoms you live with every day.

Integrative care also focuses on your unique features that a microscope or lab test cannot see. Additionally, these come out through open communication with your psychiatrist and other counselors.

These factors important to your overall well-being include:

  • Temperament
  • Early childhood
  • Trauma
  • Current behaviors
  • Lifestyle
  • Unique strengths
  • Belief systems
  • Coping style

Also, looking deeply into who you are and how your mental health affects you helps Dr. Meyer develop an integrative treatment plan to restore your health.

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