Under the direction of Nadia S. Meyer, MD, MedPsych Integrated provides outpatient psychiatry services to Raleigh, North Carolina area patients. Also, these services include:

Conditions MedPsych Integrated Treats

If you suspect you or a loved one suffer one or more behavioral health conditions, MedPsych Integrated can help. Furthermore, our psychiatrist and physician assistants provide exceptional care for patients from throughout the Triangle Area on an outpatient basis. Additionally, treated conditions include:

As a patient of MedPsych Integrated, you can expect a positive and helpful experience. Because our practitioners have backgrounds and board certifications in a range of health sciences, our focus is on combined physical and mental well-being as part of integrated health care. We also provide online visits as part of Telehealth care.

What is a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are medical doctors specializing in mental health. They focus on treatment of people with mental illness, emotional problems and behavioral disorders. At MedPsych Integrated, this work includes integration of internal medicine as part of whole-person wellness and to address the mind-body connection.

​Your psychiatrist in Raleigh, NC at MedPsych Integrated addresses your mental and physical symptoms through a clear diagnosis and treatment, starting with a psychiatric evaluation. We also utilize genetic testing and on-site blood draws toward determination of the best medications. Also, thanks to these tests, we are able to consider your genetic profile and physical condition when prescribing treatment.

Through our outpatient care, MedPsych Integrated provides a range of treatments. These services can include:

  • Urgent care for sudden mental problems
  • Management of long-term mental health issues
  • Lifestyle change advice
  • Individual therapy
  • Family and couples counseling
  • Second opinions for other medical professionals
  • Hospital admission when necessary

People see psychiatrists for a range of reasons. These include anxiety, worry, depression, lack of motivation or a lingering low mood. Also, we also see patients for suicidal thoughts, thoughts of hurting themselves or others, sleep problems, negative thinking, obsessive thinking and feelings that others want to harm them. We treat patients with hallucinations, delusions, rushing thoughts and memory problems. Our caring professionals also help people with poor concentration, attention problems, hyperactivity problems and autism.

Our substance use and outpatient addiction treatment focuses on a range of addictions, such as alcohol and drug use, problem gambling and excessive gaming. We also help patients address and recover from body image issues, disordered eating and excessive dieting.

What treatments does MedPsych Integrated provide?

MedPsych Integrated professionals recommend the appropriate course of treatment according to individual patient needs. Also, these treatment methods include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Medication
  • Addiction treatment
  • Blood draws
  • Genetic testing
  • Wellness and integrative care
  • Adult and geriatric psychiatry
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Telepsychiatry/Telehealth

Do I need to see a psychiatrist?

There are typically signs of mental problems, emotional problems or behavioral health issues that lead patients to see a psychiatrist. Mental illness is more common than most people think. Furthermore, about one fifth of Americans suffer some type of mental disorder, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder or ADD/ADHD. Additionally, a significant percentage of the population experiences substance abuse, whether alone or as part of a dual diagnosis disorder with a co-occurring mental health condition. Also, these conditions develop for a number of reasons, including stress, bio-chemical imbalances, trauma, environmental influences and genetics.

Psychiatric care and your overall wellness start with a psychiatric evaluation. Also, at MedPsych Integrated, we develop a health and genetic profile in addition to providing mental health diagnosis. Additionally, through genetic testing and a thorough health screening, we can recommend the best treatment for your very individual needs. Medical and genetic tests also provide a good starting point for when we prescribe medication.

Below are some key signs that you can benefit from seeing an integrative psychiatrist:

Emotional Problems

We all suffer anger, sadness and irritability. These feelings are part of normal, everyday life. But when your emotions feel uncontrolled or unmanageable, psychiatry can help. Also, they help you learn how to effectively manage your emotions and avoid triggering situations.

Sleep Problems

Your sleep quality is a clear indicator of your mental health status. People with untreated mental health problems often suffer insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Additionally, these issues include trouble getting to sleep, waking too early and waking throughout the night. Also, as part of sleep problems, most do not enter the deep stages of sleep require for physical and mental restoration. Furthermore, this, in turn, makes it harder to deal with mental health symptoms and creates a cycle of behavioral concerns.

Substance Use

About half of Americans with mental health problems turn to substances like drugs and alcohol to cope with their symptoms rather than psychiatry. Likewise, many people with substance abuse problems develop mental health conditions. Furthermore, needing to drink or use drugs on a regular basis indicates a problem treatable by an integrative psychiatrist.

Performance Changes

Changes in work, school or home life performance possibly indicates need for psychiatric testing. Also, missing deadlines and finding it difficult to concentrate on your work tasks are not problems you must struggle with alone. In fact, these are symptoms of a range of treatable conditions, even conveniently through Telehealth.

Psychiatry Can Help with Being Socially Withdrawn

Depression and anxiety often cause people suffering these conditions to withdraw from favorite activities, family and friends. Additionally, this withdrawal happens as they struggle to control their feelings or find it difficult to relate to others.

Physical Illnesses

Your mental and physical wellness intertwine. This is why you need an integrated mind-body approach to your overall well-being. Also, an integrative psychiatrist helps patients who suffer recurring physical symptoms with clear causes. Furthermore, such symptoms include stomach aches, headaches and other undiagnosed pain.

Excessive Anxiety

Psychiatrists help people who feel excessively worried, stressed or sad in each of our psychiatry sessions. Furthermore, these feelings often include thoughts of suicide, particularly after a history of trauma.

Nightmares or Temper Flares

Nightmares and temper flares on a regular basis disrupt everyday life, relationships and physical health. Additionally, your psychiatrist can help you resolve the foundational issues causing these symptoms in psychiatry sessions.

Make A Psychiatry Appointment & The Help You Need in Raleigh, NC

It is never shameful to get the mental health help you need. In fact, integrated psychiatry can change your life in unlimited ways. Also, your psychiatrist and other care providers at MedPsych Integrated work together to determine your diagnosis and the best treatment for your individual needs. Contact us now to learn more and schedule your first visit. Lastly, we provide Telehealth appointments.