Benefits of Professional Psychotherapy for Stress-Related Anxiety/Depression

Benefits of Professional Psychotherapy for Stress-Related Anxiety/Depression

Psychotherapy for Stress-Related Anxiety. Medical experts point out that untreated stress and/or depression can lead to physical problems as well. Everyone concerned about their inner anxiety levels or mood status should research the many helpful benefits that professional psychotherapy, by a caring Raleigh psychiatrist and/or therapist, can give to those suffering from untreated stress-related depression and underlying anxiety.

Why Are More People Overly Anxious or Depressed Today?

It appears that people from all walks of life tend to lead exceptionally busy lives than perhaps their parents or grandparents did back in the day. This sort of always-in-a-rush lifestyle can quickly lead to underlying anxieties and even situational or stress-related depression.

The human body is made in such a way that it requires regular downtime for rest and recharge of the intricate bodily systems that keep the person healthy and happy. Working extended hours, staying up late watching television or going dancing and bar hopping eventually begins to take a huge toll.

The Importance of System Downtime & How to Get it

Mental health professionals caution that people should take the high importance of regular system downtime periods seriously. Medical specialists warn that constantly overtaxing your body might eventually be the root cause of a severe health crisis down-the-road.

This could be anything from a painful ulcer development, a stress induced heart attack or a complete mental breakdown that could all land the person in a hospital. It is clear that everyday stress should be handled to lessen the chances of such a serious health outcome.

Prioritize your Needed Sleep Schedule

Psychiatrists in Raleigh, and elsewhere, council their clients to make getting enough regular sleep a priority. Also, some professionals promote the idea of scheduling sleep and rest periods. This doesn’t mean that someone can’t have some fun throughout the week and stay up later from time to time.

Again, it is all related to keeping your life in balance. For instance, if planning to stay out late on a Friday for a much anticipated date, be sure to get enough rest beforehand. Perhaps go to bed a bit earlier on Thursday, and/or catch a catnap Friday after work to recharge your energy supply before the evening arrives.

How Psychotherapy Can Help People Manage Their Stress

It is impossible to avoid stress altogether in our lives. That said, it is essential that we learn how to manage it. Stress in our lives can be both good and bad.

Many know that a divorce or death in the family causes increased stress, but most do not equate happy occasions, like an upcoming wedding, purchasing a new home or getting a job promotion, with underlying stress that still needs to be handled appropriately.

Personal psychotherapy can help people manage their stress on a day to day level. Additionally, this is key to keeping your life’s goals and aspirations on track without going into overload.

Some Tips for Relaxing & Managing Stress Levels

If stress and anxiety seem to be ruling your life, schedule an appointment with a Raleigh, NC psychotherapy practice before things get out of hand. Additionally, an experienced mental health therapist can often give some excellent tips for working in small rest periods during even busy days.

For instance, go for a quick walk during your lunch break at work. The fresh air stimulates the body in a positive way. Also, the exercise can release natural body endorphins that help regulate moods, hormones and can decrease pain and anxiety.

Too busy for lunch walks? Consider waking up early to walk around the block, or meet some co-workers after work for a fun walk and socialization at a nearby park or fitness center.

More tips for reducing stress include:

  • Turn on music that you enjoy Learn to meditate
  • Consider meditation apps for convenience Do yoga
  • Take a class or make use of video fitness shows
  • Schedule a massage or facial at a nearby spa
  • Hang positive affirmations at your workstation
  • Garden or bring a plant to work
  • Get a pet Schedule in me-times
  • Consider decorating using Danish Hygge or Asian feng shui techniques

How to Determine if You Are Anxious or Depressed?

Depression and chronic anxiety often go hand-in-hand. An accurate psychiatric assessment is crucial to treating the right issue. Depression often hides behind anger, fear or lethargy. Also, some types of depression are caused by a chemical or hormonal imbalance. The person might need medication for symptom relief.

Don’t attempt to treat stress, anxiety or depression by self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. Also, this only masks and prolongs unwanted symptoms. Thanks for reading our article on Psychotherapy for Stress-Related Anxiety.

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