Raleigh Psychiatrist Warns that Job Stress Could Be Affecting Your Mental Health

Raleigh Psychiatrist Warns that Job Stress Could Be Affecting Your Mental Health

Today’s work environments are often fraught with unrealistic work goals, short deadlines, too many responsibilities and a ruthless competitiveness between co-workers that is often cutthroat, backstabbing and otherwise negative and unhealthy. Also, a Raleigh psychiatrist warns that this kind of job stress could be affecting your mental health and should be explored through professional psychotherapy if symptoms arise that impact your daily life and threaten your well-being.

Job Stress Can Undermine Your Physical Health Too

Many people are unaware of how a negative work environment full of unrelenting job stress can undermine your physical health as well as negatively influence someone’s mental and emotional health and well-being if left unchecked.

Common signs of toxic work environments and job stress include:

  • Long work hours
  • Constantly working short staffed
  • Changing work rules & requirements
  • Decreased pay for amount and quality of work expected
  • Little time for shift breaks
  • Unapproachable boss or supervisors
  • Unfair work policies & career ladder advancements
  • Little or no positive feedback regarding your work duties
  • Unsafe work environment
  • Unrealistic workload expectations
  • Mandatory overtime on a regular or lengthy basis
  • Pressure to return to work before ready if out sick or on medical leave
  • Childcare worries
  • Little or no vacation time and other job perks
  • Negative & rude co-workers clamoring for boss recognition and advancement on the career ladder over workers with more experience
  • Job insecurities
  • Additionally, sent home with no pay after working overtime hours to bypass overtime pay requirements on employee paychecks
  • Little or ineffective job training options
  • Workplace discrimination for minority, female, disabled or older employees

Signs that Work Stress Is Impacting Overall Health

Working in a fast-placed and dynamic work environment is not always a bad thing. When employees can balance their work and family lifestyles, they can feel motivated, accomplished and future oriented when on the job. However, it is important to watch for signs that work stress could be impacting your overall health and balance.

Some common signs of work-related stress include:

  • Insomnia or difficulties falling asleep
  • Daytime fatigue
  • Loss of interest in relationships and activities normally enjoyed
  • Irritability towards spouse, children, friends and others for no cause
  • Depression or feelings of hopelessness
  • Overwhelming anxieties or panic attacks without a known cause
  • Additionally, body aches, frequent stress-related headaches and other physical problems
  • Turning to alcohol or drugs to escape job stress
  • Emotional mood swings
  • Loss of appetite or overeating to deal with stressful events and thoughts
  • Lack of joy in work accomplishments
  • Also, Decline in work production or quality of work
  • Fear of reprisals at work
  • Furthermore, feelings of little or no control over work duties and deadlines
  • Inefficient working layout that wastes time & energy
  • Withdrawal or fear of being assertive at work
  • Work duties invading personal time
  • Dreading going to work everyday
  • Lack of focus when on the job
  • Making frequent mistakes or having accidents while at work

How Psychotherapy Can Benefit Those with Job Stress

Although the trend towards greater job stress and toxic work environments shows no sign of slowing down, there are practical and highly-effective steps that employees suffering from job-related stress can take to get clarity over the situation. Lastly, having a professional and compassionate psychologist and/or psychiatrist to talk to can be an enormous relief.

Some things that psychotherapy can help with regards to job frustrations include:

  • Safe place to talk about difficult situations without fear of being shut-down, ignored, ridiculed or judged
  • Furthermore, Concrete steps to improve self-esteem, work confidence & increase self-awareness
  • Specific treatments for alcohol or drug addiction
  • Also, Learn relaxation techniques like meditation, biofeedback, yoga & more
  • Can get connected with other community resources
  • Help with making healthy & positive career goals
  • Additionally, Assistance with healthy lifestyle measures including diet, proper rest & work downtime priorities
  • Learn better communication skills
  • Also, Healthy stress reduction methods – exercise to release endorphins, weight loss strategies and more

Effective Job Stress Related Psychotherapy Help in NC

Furthermore, if job stress is keeping you from enjoying your work and personal life. Also, one caring and knowledgeable psychiatrist in Raleigh, North Carolina, can offer truly effective mental and emotional help that “works for at-work” stress. Lastly, Raleigh Psychiatrist can help you if you are in need, Read more blog articles at MedPsych Integrated via https://www.medpsychnc.com/raleigh-psychiatry-blog.

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