Raleigh Psychiatrists at MedPsych Believe Being Kind To Yourself Matters Now More Than Ever

Raleigh Psychiatrists at MedPsych Believe Being Kind To Yourself Matters Now More Than Ever

Learn why Raleigh psychiatrists at MedPsych Integrated believe that being kind to yourself matters now more than ever. There are positive steps to practice self-kindness that can help make even difficult times more manageable. When we take time to nurture our own mental, emotional and physical health needs, we tend to have more energy and fresh focus to give to others who are counting on us.

Ongoing Chronic Stress Is Dangerous To Our Health if Not Managed

Many of us are feeling overextended and stressed to the max during this continuing health pandemic gripping our nation and the world at the present time. Continued stress can result in many adverse health related problems including increased anxiety, bouts of depression, problems with mental focus and/or sleeping among many more.

Although most of us try to be there for our loved ones during these uncertain times, not taking steps to practice self-kindness for better mental health can be detrimental to your overall health and well being over time.

Why Practicing Self-Kindness Is Not Selfish

Contrary to what many of us have been taught through the years, Raleigh Psychiatrists suggest that taking time to practice self-kindness on a regular basis is not selfish. In fact, mental health experts caution that not taking time to take care of ourselves leaves us overwhelmed and less able to be strong for others.

Practicing self-kindness doesn’t have to mean ditching the family obligations and heading off to some other adventure for days or weeks at a time. Rather, learning to take small breaks for your own needs and happiness often helps us better manage life’s constant challenges. It is all about balance.

Helpful Tips To Practice Self-Kindness to Improve Mental Health

All of us have certain things that we like to do in order to relax or have fun. When life becomes busy with kids, work obligations, health challenges and unforeseen obstacles, most people make the mistake of giving their all to tackle these problems at the expense of their own fragile mental and emotional state.

Take these helpful tips on how to practice self-kindness recommended by mental health professionals:

  • Change Your Negative Mindset by Saying Positive Mantras to Yourself
  • Schedule Time for Yourself Every Day
  • Make Short & Long Term Goals for Yourself
  • Avoid Toxic People Whenever Possible
  • Unplug Yourself from Stressful News on Television, Online or via Other Modes Regularly
  • Learn & Practice Positive Coping Measures When Things Get Tough
  • Get Plenty of Sleep
  • Eat a Healthy Diet
  • Connect with Others that Support You More Often
  • Do One Kind Thing for Yourself Each Day
  • Allow Yourself to Be Human – Be Your Own Best Friend Failures & All
  • Get Outdoors & Exercise Regularly
  • Learn Natural Stress Reduction Methods
  • Practice Mindfulness
  • Dare to Hope & Dream for the Future Today
  • Change Your Thought Patterns First Then Behavioral Changes Naturally Follow

Anyone who has ever played sports, challenged themselves with a new hobby or successfully met a personal or work goal likely already knows that our inner thoughts tend to drive our behaviors. If we are constantly telling ourselves that we can’t do something, then we are less likely to succeed. However, when we flood our minds with positive affirmations, spend time with others who support us and practice, practice and practice, it is amazing how much easier the challenge gets.

With practice, all of us can change our everyday mindset into a positive rhythm. Of course, it is alright to take time to feel sad or experience disappointments as long as we don’t linger there too long.

Try these simple challenges for a week or even two days:

  • Turn off the news and skim headlines online or record and fast-forward to get necessary highlights
  • Begin and end your day with something positive
  • Do things that make you happy – laugh often
  • Learn something new every day
  • Plan for tomorrow even if today seems bleak – Hope is a healer
  • Seek supportive connections even if only online or by phone for now
  • Get outside to let nature soothe our soul and fresh air to release inner built-up pressures
  • Keep a manageable routine
  • Seek help when needed

Practice being your own best friend. Every time that you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed, take the time to listen to what your inner voice is telling your mind. Change the narrative one thought at a time. Being kind to yourself really does matter.

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