Teachers Are Human Too

Teachers Are Human Too

School is back in the swing of things. Although that may not be too exciting for students, teachers are back in full work mode and ready to improve students’ lives. It’s no secret that a good teacher can make such a big difference. Most of us can usually remember our favorite teachers and the impact they had on us. Teachers can really trigger a love for learning that will stick with you.

As frustrated as you may be with homework and attending classes, don’t forget that teachers are human, too. They struggle with mental health issues just like you and me. Research shows that there is a spike in the number of teachers that feel alarmingly stressed with their jobs and report having poor mental health. Studies show that if we can help teachers improve their mental health, it can have a significant impact in students’ achievement and their well-being.
Some things that can be done to help if you are a student or a fellow teacher/coworker:

  • Be open about what has helped you and encourage self-care even if it is taking five minutes out of their day to practice self-focus and meditate.
  • Surprise teachers with a special treat such as a coffee or bagel to show you are supportive.
  • Advocate for groups that support teacher mental health or talk to a superintendent regarding how to improve quality of life for teachers.
  • As a student, a simple “thank you” can go a long way.

It’s nice for a teacher to be reminded of why they do what they do.

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