Telepsych at MedPsych

Telepsych at MedPsych

Telepsych at MedPsych. We all lead busy lives, between work, grocery shopping, kids soccer practice, and housework, not everyone has time to make it in for their in-person appointments. Many of our patients have rigorous schedules which include both work and school commitments. Also, we never want this to be a barrier for them to get good psychiatric care. We are constantly searching for innovative ways to accommodate our patients thus we have integrated a telepsych option for our patient’s here!

What is telepsych?

A virtual psychiatric appointment where the patient can be assessed without physically being in the same location as the provider. 

Who can do telepsych?

Any patient that received prior approval by their psychiatric clinician and a signed consent which can be found on our website.

How often do I have to be seen in person?

All initial appointments must be done in person; however, subsequently patients can be seen in person as little as once a year.

Can I get medication if I do telepsych?

Absolutely! All medication is electronically prescribed directly to your pharmacy of choice. 

Will I have to change providers if I want to do telepsych?

No, all MedPsych providers are trained in proper telepsych techniques.

While we realize telepsych is not for everyone or may not be desired for every visit we will always continue to strive to improve our patient’s access to good psychiatric care. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for a compassionate and highly qualified psychiatrist in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lastly, Contact Medpsych Integrated at

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