Throughout 2020, world health circumstances changed the lives of everyone around the globe. Here in the United States, the covid-19 quarantines altered how healthcare providers manage patient care. Although many provided telehealth services before the pandemic, this health crisis sped up the “new frontier’s” practitioner, insurance provider and public acceptance. At MedPsych Integrated, we are happy to move into this new world of Telepsychiatry, fulling embracing the medium for our model of outpatient care.

Telepsychiatry and other forms of telemedicine are here to stay. But this is not a new way of treating patients. In fact, many healthcare professionals have done so for decades. In many ways, this form of medical care offers great benefits to both patients and providers. It is almost a step back in time, to the days when doctors grabbed their medical bag and rode off to their patients’ homes for highly personalized attention.

MedPsych Integrated provides fully integrative psychiatric care. All of our services remain on an outpatient basis, as before. We provide the same level of care for people with mental health concerns and addiction from the safety of our homes, into yours.

Does Telepsychiatry work?

According to the American Psychiatric Association, Telepsychiatry works. Although data of outcomes is too recent to publish, this organization believes in telemedicine. In fact, they state they overall treatment outcomes between in-person psychiatric care and Telepsychiatry are comparable. This means the new health frontier is a positive change for many patients.

Other benefits include Telepsychiatry being of the same cost or less for patients and providers. Both groups of people are also very satisfied with telehealth results. In fact, most doctors and patients who hesitated to make the change actually report satisfaction with the telemedicine medium in time.

Employers are another group of people highly interested in psychiatric care provided virtually. They see Telepsychiatry as helping employees reduce absentee days and improve their productivity.

The American Psychiatric Association also reports from their own research that the number of patients suffering work impairment due to mental health or addiction problems cut in half. This data comes after patients experienced just their first three weeks of Telepsychiatry. At month four, 75 percent of these patients were back at work with full productivity.

What is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is simply psychiatric treatment provided over a video conferencing connection. You and your psychiatrist or other therapist at MedPsych Integrated simply use a live, secure video connection to meet with each other over your computer like you would face-to-face at our Raleigh offices. Because the line is secure in this video call, you do not have to worry about confidentiality. The conferencing meets HIPAA standards for patient security.

Most insurance policies cover Telepsychiatry and other telehealth services. This means you can access the same level of care and provider attention, without leaving your home! It saves your time, energy, and gas money while also providing the utmost of scheduling convenience.

What conditions does MedPsych Integrated treat using

MedPsych Integrated professionals, including director and psychiatrist Nadia S. Meyer, MD, treat all of the same conditions using telemedicine, as they do in office. This means you do not suffer any disruption from your level of care, services or treatment through video conferencing. Sure, we must adapt to the technology and make some changes in how we do things. But you receive the same treatment.

For new patients, we also offer Telepsychiatry. You can start your psychiatric evaluation, gain a diagnosis, go through psychotherapy or another course of therapy and start feeling better just as soon through telehealth. In fact, you will find it so much easier to make it to your appointments on time, every time! You can even attend when you are on vacation or otherwise out of town.

What do I need for Telepsychiatry?

Attending your appointment requires some basics for good communication with your telehealth provider. In a nutshell, you need a private place in which you can have your confidential, one-on-one appointment. You also need a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and high speed internet.

MedPsych Integrated provides you with a phone number and the information you need to make your HIPAA-compliant phone call to your psychiatrist or other counselor. The connection is free of charge and does not add to your healthcare costs.

Then, simply dial into the call as directed and at your appointment time. You never have to worry, as the connection between your psychiatric practitioner and you is always secure. All data is encrypted, including your voice and video transmissions.

Telepsychiatry can help with many daily struggles including:

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