The Hidden Dangers of a Toxic Relationship & Tips to Avoid Toxic People

The Hidden Dangers of a Toxic Relationship & Tips to Avoid Toxic People

Hidden Dangers of a Toxic Relationship

A Raleigh psychiatrist cautions of the hidden dangers of a toxic relationship that everyone should understand and identify. These relationships seem to suck out all the good reasons for being in a close relationship with someone in the first place.

This one-sided relationship usually results in an ongoing state of crisis that seems like it will never end or get better. Fortunately, there is hope for the future after all. Read on for some tips on how to avoid toxic people and retain your inner peace and restore sanity.

Learning to Identify Toxic Relationships & Recognize the Danger

Many people entangle themselves in relationships that seem to ignite the flames of conflict and ongoing emotional turmoil. Everyone has faults, but some people seem to always be in a state of conflict or chaos at any given time despite support and guidance from their family members or friends.

Markedly, the supportive person in the relationship ends up feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and frantic for a resolution that never seems to come.

To avoid the many pitfalls that a toxic relationship can bring, it is first necessary to learn how to identify a toxic relationship early on. Then, it is crucial to recognize those dangers and take action to extract yourself from the potential dangers that lurk somewhere just under the surface.

What Does a Toxic Relationship Look Like?

It is important to realize there are usually ups and downs in any relationship or marriage. When the relationship seems to be mostly one sided, this should be a clear warning that something in the relationship is amiss. All too often, one person tends to be blinded by either serious denial or an unhealthy reliance on hope that the relationship can succeed and be better in the future.

These sorts of unhealthy and unrealistic expectations of a current toxic relationship often begin with underlying expectations. As well as unwritten rules of relationships that the person may have learned when younger. These expectations may have developed through modeling of the same types of negative relationship dynamics by their own parents. During the formative growing up years individuals can also learn these behaviors from other close family members and family friends.

Look for Unresolved Relationship Issues in Your Past

Many caught in a toxic relationship begin to question their own feelings based on the reaction from their partner. Therefore, it is crucial to look for unresolved relationship issues in your own past.

History does have a way of repeating itself no matter if past experiences were negative or hurtful. This can occur because of residual hurt from a similar situation when younger. A volatile parental relationship can convey unhealthy methods of dealing with toxic relationships down to the children of that marriage. This story will run on repeat until the toxicity is properly identified and the person is resolved to stop the cycle in their own life.

Common Signs That a Relationship Has Become Toxic

Experienced mental health therapists can be a wealth of information and support for all sorts of relationship problems. There are usually some telltale signs that could indicate that a relationship has already become toxic.

These toxic relationship signs include:

  • Increased conflicts & fights
  • One party feeling guilty or blamed
  • Lying to your partner to avoid conflict
  • Giving up something enjoyable to placate the other party
  • Feelings of being manipulated or controlled
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Physical or emotional signs of abuse
  • One partner making all of the sacrifices or doing the majority of relationship work
  • Withdrawal from previously enjoyed activities or social connections
  • Not taking care of yourself
  • Giving in to unrealistic demands from partner to avoid conflicts

Telltale Emotional Warning Signs of a Relationship Gone Toxic

Look for telltale emotional signs that a relationship is toxic & on the road to destruction fast.

Indicators include:

  • Extreme jealousy
  • Verbal abuse or toxic communications – sarcasm, passive-aggressive conversations, demeaning remarks etc.
  • Overall lack of support

Seek professional mental health therapy to learn how to avoid toxic people and resolve underlying emotional or mental related stressors. Contact MedPsych Integrated in Briar Creek to learn more. Access more blog articles here.

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