Vacations Boost Mental Health and Physical Health!

Vacations Boost Mental Health and Physical Health!

Vacations Boost Mental Health. It’s summertime which means it’s prime vacation time. Vacation is not only highly encouraged but also strongly advised for recharge of mental health. Even if it is just for a long weekend, it is important to step away from the everyday norm and take some time for yourself.

The Benefits of Taking a Vacation

1) Life Satisfaction:

Vacations can contribute to psychological wellness, where positive vacation experiences have spill-over effects how individuals evaluate their overall satisfaction with life, particularly boosting satisfaction with social life, leisure life, family life, love life, work life, spiritual life, intellectual life, culinary life, and travel life.

2) Physical Improvements:

Improvements in sleep quality, mood, physical complaints and blood pressure have also been report to persist after returning from vacation and getting back to reality.

3) Mental Health:

On top of vacations being a great emotional well being and mood booster, another study report that anxiety creating tendency to focus on something causing us distress, instead of thinking of solutions or getting over it. This is called rumination, lessens during vacations, and stays low even two weeks after vacation.

4) Creativity:

Cognitive flexibility, i.e. the component of creativity that bestows the ability to adapt our thinking to face new and unexpected conditions in the environment, has been shown to be boosted after some time off. Ideas generated at work after a vacation were more diverse than before going on vacation, showing more ingenuity by avoiding a reliance on conventional ideas and routine solutions.

5) Career:

A higher degree of job involvement coupled with decreased job stress and work burnout makes for a happier and harder worker when returning to work.

I recently travel to Cancun, Mexico, and it was just what I need. I was able to experience a different culture, eat authentic food, and completely relax. There is nothing like being by the water for me.


Relaxation can mean different things for different people. Make sure to focus on doing what you enjoy but remain flexible. A sudden change of plans could mean a fun, new adventure! Life is so stressful and too short. Treat yourself to a vacation! Thanks for reading, “Vacations Boost Mental Health”. Contact us to learn more.

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