Cabin Fever? Creative Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Raleigh Without Risking Physical Health

Cabin Fever? Creative Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in Raleigh Without Risking Physical Health

Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors – While home is where the heart is, right now, your home may be where several bored kids, a mom, a dad and a dog or cat have been stuck for weeks. About right now, people everywhere are longing to just break the boredom by breaking out – of the house that is. A Raleigh psychiatrist has the cure for cabin fever.

With some creativity, you and your family can get out to enjoy the warmer weather ramping up now in the Raleigh, NC area. Get out and enjoy nature without risking anyone’s physical health. Nourish your mind and soul with nature.

Plan Ahead to Do Things Off the Beaten Track

This region of scenic North Carolina is famous for its gorgeous beaches and coastline. However, everybody and their brother, neighbor, part-time babysitter and your hairdresser will all be planning an afternoon at the beach. That could quickly create too big of a close crowd for health safety reasons. Instead, plan ahead to research what other intriguing attractions are here in this area. Think off the beaten track. Why not plan a mid-morning hiking adventure? There are plenty of simply stunning nature trails all throughout this large and rambling region. Pick so
mewhere new that looks interesting to your crew.

More Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors in Smaller Groups

Kids and even teens are likely bored of indoor activities and quite possibly that is the reason why everyone is testy and getting on everyone’s last nerve. Medical experts have yet to determine exactly where that last nerve is. However, it’s best not to take chances. An outing is in order. Try these fun outdoor activities:

  • Bike-ride – around the block, along a shady trail or even in a large empty parking lot
  • Skate – roller skate, roller blade or jump on the skateboard
  • Go on a treasure hunt – hide clues around the yard, neighborhood or park ahead of time with a prize at the end
  • Spice up that treasure hunt by dressing young ones, or young at heart ones, in pirate clothes
  • Hit the beach at off times – weekdays, very early morning or later after nightfall – walk along a secluded beach
  • Make a picnic lunch – take it to the backyard or anywhere else suitable
  • Enjoy fun backyard games – tag, hide-n-seek, red rover, dodge ball etc.
  • Set up a tent outdoors and camp out under the stars
  • Break out the telescope to watch the night sky light up after dark
  • Do some crafts out on the porch or patio
  • Tour historical homes or sites even from the outside
  • Do yoga on the lawn – terrific at sunrise or sunset for added peaceful zen feelings
  • Turn up the tunes and dance out the door or down the driveway if you dare
  • End a hot sweaty activity with a water balloon or waterhose fight in the backyard

Why Nature Seems to Calm the Spirit & Quiet the Mind

Nature favorably impacts health and our overall well-being. Many sound research studies seem to prove this over and over. Nature can be soothing, healing, invigorating, good for sparking creativity, calms the spirit, quiets the mind and connects us to something larger than ourselves. It is even considered spiritual in many senses. Even a brisk walk around the block with your loyal canine companion can help redirect stress into a positive response. Not to mention that this is good for your dog too. Don’t have a dog? Consider shelter dogs or grab a neighbor’s if you are able. Nature has been shown to boost the immune system, uplift the spirit, slows heart rate and blood pressure naturally and helps with overall blood circulation.

Relax Naturally with Nature’s Bounty

This is the ideal time to plant a garden. This could be a small flowerbed, a vegetable garden or something else entirely that appeals to your green thumb. Even the very young and those in their golden years can benefit from some hands-on gardening.hands-on gardening. Not to mention, fresh veggies and fruits are also good to eat fresh from the garden, or grow some herbs. Hint – kids that help garden will be likely to eat their results later on.

Open the Windows to Let In Fresh Air & Light

If you can’t break-out of the house/work yet, throw open the windows to get a fresh breeze blowing. Light a scented candle, reflect on a nature scene and/or turn on some soothing nature sounds. If it rains, consider taking a walk in the rain for a change of pace. We hope these have given you creative ways to enjoy the outdoors in Raleigh.

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