Ways To Stay Connected During Quarantine Rules of Social Distancing

Ways To Stay Connected During Quarantine Rules of Social Distancing

The worldwide health pandemic could be an ongoing concern for many regions. Humans are made to socialize with others, and an enforced quarantine can impact their sense of security and future well-being. If adults are panicking about how to deal with social distancing rules, kids are especially vulnerable to increased stress. Also, higher anxiety levels, depression and adverse health conditions like insomnia, body aches and gastrointestinal problems. Learn what one psychiatrist in the Raleigh, NC, area has to offer on effective ways to stay connected. Also doing so without going against current social distancing mandates.

Keep In Contact With Support People Using Creative Methods

Many people are freaking out because they have no sense of ending this massive and frightening health quarantine. It is important for everyone to remember that they can still find ways to remain social and connected to others. Kids, teens, and adults can make use of video chat and other social media platforms. They can do this to keep up with all of their favorite people in their life. If you happen to be a grandparent, never fear, it is possible to learn new things at any age.

How To Decrease Loneliness for Older Individuals Living Alone

While dealing with loneliness and social distancing is hard for any age, older individuals who live alone are more at risk for developing feelings of loneliness during social distancing due to the health pandemic. It is important to take steps so that seniors don’t feel so isolated and alone during this time to prevent increased stress and extreme feelings of loneliness in our elderly populations. Many adult children are hooking their elderly parents up with some modern technologies like smart phones, Skype and laptops. Many seniors are unsure about their tech skills in general, but a younger person in their immediate household may be able to walk them through it.

Tips for Keeping Your Family Connected

Here are some creative ways to remain connected during this quarantine time that won’t go against those important social distancing rules.

  • Make phone calls more often
  • Wave to people from your vehicles
  • Hold up signs to passerby traffic
  • Hold a neighborhood porch party where everyone stays on their own properties to participate
  • Host a get-together online
  • Take time to write letters to people you love
  • Foster a pet in need from your local animal shelter
  • Participate in volunteer activities from your own house
  • Go to a park or elsewhere outdoors with friends who stay at least 6 feet apart
  • Have kids make cards and posters for anyone they miss
  • Start an online family game night – either call, text or connect online to make it feel real and fun
  • Join interest discussion groups
  • Help by making face masks, donating to a local charity or simply show support

Why Kids Are More Prone to Emotional Distress During Social Distancing

Children and teens put a lot of emphasis on their social friendships. This is who they turn to for peer support, fun times and inward assurance that they are loved by others. This and other reasons are why social distancing rules can be harder for your kids and teens. Parents can help by relaxing some of the rules for Internet and phone time with friends.

Parents should also make an effort to stay positive and encourage normal household routines whenever possible to decrease the amount of stress that kids and teenagers in the household may be feeling. It is important to allow children and young adults to express their inner turmoils and feelings with someone that they trust. There are many mental health hotlines and organizations that can be reached by phone or through online sites that may be able to give parents, kids and teens useful advice on how to cope during this incredibly scary time.

Where To Turn for Expert Advice On Keeping Mentally Healthy During the Pandemic

Although many are going through a tremendous struggle trying to keep sane and healthy during the pandemic, there are places to turn for expert mental health tips that anyone can take advantage of. If you, your children or other family members are showing signs of depression, overwhelming anxiety or need effective coping strategies, reach out to your doctor or mental health center for help.

Mental health experts from Briar Creek, North Carolina can give reliable advice on helping kids manage stress during social distancing. Many mental health counselors offer informative websites, phone consults and virtual contact options. Contact MedPsych Integrated at https://www.medpsychnc.com for details.

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